Marketing Your Home

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How we market your home

Each home has a unique story and ideal buyer. At Sea Glass, we are in the business of telling that story and creating customized campaigns for your home in order to capitalize on its special features, neighborhood, architecture, construction and landscaping. By implementing unique multi-platform campaigns, we are able to successfully market your property to the correct demographic and ignite interest that leads to the purchase of your home.

We make the user experience comprehensive and intuitive. Our goal is to be your one stop shop whether you are actively looking to purchase a home, or it's merely a thought, we cater to everyone.

Our website has been carefully developed to allow users to quickly and effectively search listings, browse via neighborhood, view captivating images and bring the lifestyle and aesthetic of the Virgin Islands to life online. The internet continues to be the most utilized tool for home buying. Consumer use of online search reached an all-time high in 2014, with 92% of people using the internet for their home-related search. We have a sleek, enticing and user-friendly website that will optimize sales, as the value of the online experience is crucial. (View statistic from here)

Social Media Marketing is one of the fastest, most effective ways to gain exposure in the digital realm. We utilize social media to market your property, as well as the lifestyle of the Virgin Islands in order to offer you the greatest digital reach on social platforms.

Through our national and international partners of Leading RE and Luxury portfolio we have an extensive network of brokerages, other business individuals, and marketing avenues which all work to greatly increase the visibility of your home.

Our marketing team develops highly personalized pieces to showcase your home. Through our networks we can print in places like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Luxury Portfolio, Unique Homes, Velocity, Cape Air, Real Life, Homes of the Hampton's, Haute Living, DuPont Registry, Abode2, and Greenwich and much more!

Presentation, packaging and branding is often what makes a first impression on a home buyer. The Sea Glass Properties graphic design team is skilled and knowledgeable and will create customized brochures and materials to showcase your property and make it stand out.

Island Living Magazine, quickly growing in popularity and readership, is distributed to over 30 locations in the Virgin Islands.

Because a person's phone is not only their main means communication, but also their source for news, shopping, research etc., we made sure that our site transfers brilliantly to all Iphones, androids, tablets and other devices.

Our website is optimized for mobile use, delivering the same ease of use and powerful graphics to tablets and mobile devices. By offering a seamless experience at home or on the go, potential buyers can always easily browse your property.

Sea Glass Properties generates a QR code for every single listing, allowing anyone with a smart phone to scan for immediate information on your home.

Sea Glass has a strong international presence, but our local presence is just as impressive! We run strong marketing campaigns such as "Try before you Buy", and stay deeply involved in community events and networks. These are just a few of the reasons that our homes get the exposure they need on the local level.

Sea Glass realizes that the market and potential buyer here in the Virgin Islands is different than anywhere else in the world. We combine our knowledge of real estate with a focus on lifestyle and community in order to effectively promote your home on a local level.

Sea Glass Properties affiliate company, Sea Glass Vacations, has listings for some of the top villa rental listings in the Virgin Islands. We have the unique opportunity to work with potential clients in a “try before you buy” scenario, allowing them to experience a home or island life first hand before taking the plunge and buying their first home here.

Through LeadingRE and Luxury Portfolio Sea Glass is connected to 500 of the finest real estate firms around the world. With this strong network and deep-seated connections throughout the globe with professionals of the highest quality, ethics, training etc we have the required edge to list and sell your home.