Maximize Your Buying Leverage

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a veteran at real estate, Sea Glass
Properties will be your most effective guide as you navigate the choices here in the US Virgin Islands. Our agents develop long-lasting
relationships with clients looking to buy a home. For many buyers, there is a great deal more than just selecting the right property. While Sea Glass is here to help you find the right home at the right price, and close the deal smoothly and effectively, we are able to help you in many other ways as well.

Whether you want to buy a St.Thomas home, buy a St. John home or buy a St. Croix home for luxury living, or as an entrée into the housing market, Sea Glass Properties will ensure your experience is successful. Read on to learn how Sea Glass Realtors will help you find your perfect property:

We’ll listen to your needs and tailor your search for St. Thomas USVI, St John USVI or St. Croix USVI properties so there is effective use of your time. Your search will be enhanced by our downloadable US Virgin Islands Welcome Kit with on-line pictures and visual tours.

Many of our agents will serve as buyer representatives which means they not only help present the positive aspects of properties, but they will be especially forthcoming about aspects of a property that may not make it suitable for you.

We will happily compile reports on similar properties sold recently so you can make a purchase offer that reflects current market conditions.
We will assist you in arranging for US Virgin Islands Property financing.
Whether it’s a St. john condo, or apartments for rent on St. Thomas Virgin
Islands or perhaps it’s a St, Croix home, our agents have rich experience that they’re ready to share with you.