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Sea Glass has some exciting news! We are proud to announce that we have officially embarked on our journey of  social responsibility to the U.S. Virgin Islands community. Too many times we have found ourselves asking, “how can we give back to a community that needs it so bad?” Sure, when you look at our properties, vacation villas, and beautiful pristine water, you see the plentiful and the beauty– you see “The Life”. However, just as all around the world, there is a true need for help in the Virgin Islands, and when one is in the position to help–how can you not? Thus, we decided it was time to take action.

Sea Glass has set up a fund with the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI), by the name of Sea Glass Cares. It is our specific aim to help raise funds for various educational projects in the local community such as after school programs, summer school, sports programs, and other activities. What is appealing about this fund is that 100% of what we raise will go directly to charities of the Virgin Islands– no overhead at all, so when donating you can be rest assured that your monies are going where you want them to go!

Furthermore, we have made our own personal pledge to donate a percentage of our profits from our vacation program. So, if you are looking for a vacation AND you want to make an impact… look no further, we have the answer!

This month is going to be all about community involvement in the Virgin Islands. So, stay tuned for a new post each week and a little more information about Sea Glass Cares and how you can help!

Please visit to learn more about the Emmanuel Benjamin Oliver Elementary School Summer Program. More to come on our projects!

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