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8 Tuff Miles Road Race


The Sea Glass Team sponsored and actively participated inThe 19th Annual St. John 8 Tuff Miles Road Race Festival this past Saturday.  We had a blast! The community of St. John could be found every mile of the race cheering runners on with encouragement!

 The race begins on the west end of the island of St. John, Virgin Islands and travels in an east direction. The  course measures 8.38 miles. The starting line is located at the National Park Visitor Center in Cruz Bay at an elevation of about 5 feet. As you can see here in this description the highest point on the course is 999 feet and the finish line is back to near sea level in Coral Bay. Over the years many stateside residents have programmed their treadmills and turned up the heat in their home gyms to mimic the course for their personal training proposes.

The Sea Glass Team after completing The 19th Annual 8 Tuff Miles Road Race

The highest point of the 8 Tuff Miles can be compared to climbing to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building using the stairs. There is about a 51 foot difference between the two, but I can promise you the view of St. John at the highest point hands down beats the view from the Empire State Building. Everyone is welcome to sign up! From your most competitive runners to your casual walkers of all ages you are guaranteed to have a great time!

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