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Sea Glass Cares and the CFVI


Today marks the last blog post of September, and that means our blog theme of the month -community involvement- is coming to a wrap. We hope you guys have learned a little bit about ways to give back to the USVI community. If you find that you are interested in giving, but you aren’t sure where to start,  please visit our website at and learn a little bit about some of the efforts we are involved with. If you find that you like what we are doing, please let us know by sending us an email.

For those of you who work for an EDC (Economic Development Company) in the Virgin Islands, you are probably aware that the company has donation requirements that need to be met. Whether your company would like to set up a fund of it’s own, or you like what funds such as Sea Glass Cares are doing, you have options. With SGC you have the ability to put the entire process in our hands while being rest assured that your dollars are going exactly where you want them to go. You can even set up a fund of your own through the CFVI! To learn more about community involvment and how to start your own fund please visit:


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